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McMillans of Malton

Tinkture - Casa Negroni

Tinkture - Casa Negroni

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The most handsome of Classic Negronis.

A good Negroni is hard to beat - and this one is pretty special. Clean, crisp yet robust and full of complexity and layers of aromatic discovery.

Guided by their friends Andy and Lyndsey Appleton, creators of restaurant and bar Appleton's in Fowey, to give you the most sophisticated Martini in the world.

The perfect balance of equal parts  Classic dry Gin, Quaglia Berto Bitter and Antica Quaglia Vermouth Berto Rosso.

27.3% abv.


Get a big Glass - we like a a heavy whiskey tumbler, add lots of ice, pour over the Negroni and stir … this is the secret, let the ice melt slightly and do it’s magic. Once the Negroni becomes silky it’s ready! Add a squeeze of fresh orange, a twist of orange rind - and you are ready to savour!


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