Langs Banana Rum

  • £30.00


Big flavour, tropical funk. Jamaican rum gets a Glasgow twist. Langs Rum holds true to the original iconic Lang Bros Banana Rum recipe. Tropical and characterful, packed with vibrant exotic fruit notes.

Langs Rum is a sunny blend of unaged and ex-bourbon American white oak cask aged Jamaican rums, packed with vanilla, caramel and tropical fruit notes. Molasses-rich, pot and column distilled, blended and infused with natural fruit flavour. Imported from Jamaica, home of earthy aromatic rum ‘funk’ and limestone-sweet water, our smooth and mellow rums embody the carnival spirit.

With a good-times balance of flavour and rum, Langs is equally enjoyable straight up on the rocks or in an easy-going cocktail mix.

37.5% abv.