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McMillans of Malton

Kinrara Artists Edition "Struan" Gin

Kinrara Artists Edition "Struan" Gin

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Kat Baxter's Limited-Edition Struan the Stag is the second in a series of Kinrara Artist Editions. Each bottle has a unique number and signature. Kinrara Scottish Highland Dry Gin is made with eight botanicals, including juniper, coriander, angelica, orange, lemon, and liquorice root, and is distilled in the heart of the Cairngorm National Park. 

Kinrara Gin is made in two 100-litre stills, with the recipe developed in 'Wee Alice,' a fifty-litre Hoga copper pot still. It is then cut with water filtered via the Cairngorm Mountains.

43% abv.


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