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McMillans of Malton

Daffy's Original Gin

Daffy's Original Gin

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Daffy’s is a gin of exceptional quality, using a ‘slow-cook’ distillation process. This unique distillation process creates Daffy’s incredible smoothness, depth of flavour and finesse. The lady on the bottle is the Distiller’s wife painted by the famous artist Robert McGinnis (Breakfast at Tiffany’s and James Bond artwork). 

‘Daffy’ is what gin was called in Britain in the 1800s. Originally an affectionate slang name for gin. Charles Dickens wrote many times about Daffy and its virtues and there were many Daffy’s bars and clubs in London and across the UK.

Made using the finest pure wheat grain spirit from northern France , then, distilled in the same manner as malt whisky on an ancient single batch copper pot still. The botanicals that are distilled are a combination of the traditional – juniper, coriander seeds, cassia bark and the new – Lebanese mint and rare variety lemons.

43.4% abv.


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